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Weight-loss By Healthix®

Why Healthix® ?

Healthix is a physician-directed weight-loss program that helps in achieving and ideal healthy weight. Obesity is currently a leading cause of mortality and morbidity. Early diagnosis and management of this condition will help the individual live a healthy balanced life.

Healthix weight-loss program incorporates three main strategies:

  1. Cleansing The Body
  2. Eating Healthy
  3. Boosting Metabolism


Principle Of The Protocol

To achieve weight-loss the body must take fewer calories than the ones burnt. That is what is known as a negative calorie balance. Hence, most diets that have a negative calorie balance will cause weight-loss, however there are few problem with these diets.

Given severe calorie restriction this can result in nutritional deficiencies if adequate supplementation is not provided. Also maintenance of weight-loss is difficult because dieters go back to eating regular size meals and they regain the weight.

Healthix protocol provides a clear plan that prevents nutritional deficiencies and would empower the individual to maintain the weight-loss achieved



Healthix Program Includes:

  • Medical History and Physical Exam
  • Body Composition Assessment
  • Healthix Patient Package
  • Weekly checkup and measurements
  • Biweekly Vitamin Supplementation
  • Metabolic Testing at the end of program


  • Losing Weight
  • Detoxing The Body
  • Cardiovascular Protection
  • Boosting Self Esteem
  • Reducing Cancer Risk
  • Musculoskeletal System Protection
  • Improving Energy Level
  • Balancing The Mind
Please be advised that with all our procedures, individual results may vary. Thank you!