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Body Contouring

TriPollar RF energy is a leading non-invasive boy contouring technology. It is the only non-invasive treatment that harnesses the body’s natural processes for the most effective skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite reduction results. It contours, tightens and tones the body- all without destroying a single cell in your body.

The combination of TriPollar RF with Dynamic Muscle Activation can provide the following:

-Targeted fat & cellulite reduction

-Skin tightening & firming

-Muscle toning

Every body can be treated with TriPollar RF

TriPollar RF is unique because it can treat nearly any area of the body, no matter how big or small the treatment area is, while other popular treatments are limited to large, flat areas of excess fat and flesh.

TriPollar RF

The Best In Body Contouring

TriPollar RF + DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation)

  • Superior technology uses focused energy, consumes less power and delivers better results
  • Releases fat from cells, removes fat, tones muscles and reshapes the body with the addition of DMA
  • Effective technology for reducing fat without destroying fat cells

TriPollar is the only body contouring treatment that tightens skin, reduces fat and enhances muscles, all in the same treatment!

Please be advised that with all our procedures, individual results may vary. Thank you!